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We are searching for a BI Analyst to help us bring valuable insights to the whole business. You will need to create smart Tableau dashboards and connect data sources in informative analyses.

Studyportals’ headquarters is in Strijp-S, Eindhoven, the Netherlands (hybrid).

About Studyportals.

We change the lives of millions of students and leave the world a bit brighter than we found it. Every minute 100 students around the world trust our platforms (e.g., to find their best matching education for free. At the same time, we help educators diversify their (international) student population and reduce dropouts.

With forty different nationalities among the 150+ people working at Studyportals, we are an international bunch of people. Eager to learn and serious about fun. Want to know more?

Why are we searching for you?

We accumulate loads and loads of data. We want to make informed choices throughout the business. Thus, we need you to connect the dots and help us understand.

We want you to create high-quality data products that the business can use to find out about what our clients need, and what students in the world need and look for. Valuable information that is available anytime and for anyone who might need it. We also need someone to explain the statistics and graphs and help to interpret them. Thus, good communication skills are necessary and wanted.

On the other side, you will need to talk to data- and software engineers. To understand our product, but also to explain our data needs for developing the next great thing.

By taking this on, you will be helping everyone at Studyportals to make informed data-driven decisions based on high-quality data products and with that, you will help thousands of students everywhere.

What does your team look like?

At Studyportals, the Big Data & Business Intelligence Team is responsible for delivering quality data for the rest of the company. You will be joining an existing team of five members – a Big Data Team Lead reporting to the CTO, two Data Analytics Engineers, two Data Engineers, and one senior BI Analyst. All very smart people! Big Data is part of the Product Engineering department which is 40 in size. As the BI expert, you will be at the top of the data-value pyramid. You will disseminate insights and information that the team creates to the whole company from sales to marketing. This will help us fulfil our team’s mission: to create a data-driven company.

What are your responsibilities and tasks?

Distill and present the information that is needed to continue sustainable growth for Studyportals

Understand the questions that our business is trying to answer to develop analyses and dashboards with all the answers

Connecting different data sources and creating storytelling in Tableau dashboards and presentations

Provide the business with actionable insights through brilliant analyses

Communicate your findings in a digestible way to truly make an impact

What are we looking for?

You can build visualizations and dashboards in Tableau that really get the message across

You love to discuss your stakeholders’ questions and never give up on finding the best answer to their true questions.

You are analytical, methodical and not afraid of dirty data

I’m looking for an excellent communicator. Someone with a positive and proactive mindset (love it, change it, or leave it). You are dedicated and you never give up

Experience in the area of e-commerce or digital marketplace is a plus

Comprehensive skills in SQL and a relevant programming/scripting language (like Python) are a plus, as well as experience with complex data structures

You should feel at home in an agile environment.

Fluent in English, we are a highly international team with 40+ nationalities in-house!

1-3 years of experience in business intelligence are an advantage

Competitive salary including a bonus and pension

32 vacation days (including bank holidays) you have the flexibility to take your holidays whenever you want (e.g., be off on Chinese New Year instead of King’s Day)

Possibility to buy/sell 5 vacation days out of your annual balance

Reimbursement of your work-related travel costs

Flexibility to work remotely 3 days per week, including a remote working allowance.

Possibility to work from abroad 2 times a year

Bi-weekly Hackdays where you can get creative and experiment.

An annual personal development budget because personal growth is KEY!

Access to free sessions with our psychologist partners from OpenUp.

An annual donation to the Knowledge for Children foundation made on your behalf.

A nice and fun office in the heart of Eindhoven; five minutes’ walk away from the station. Take an insiders’ perspective here.

We are looking forward to receiving your application, but please note, that only applicants who already possess a valid work permit for the location will be considered for this role.

Studyportals is committed to safeguarding your privacy and protecting your personal data. For information on how we process the personal data included in your application please see our Privacy Notice for Applicants.

NB We will contact you via e-mail so please keep an eye on your spam folder especially if you are using Gmail.

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